Extrapack OOD's Successful Showcase at PSI Trade Fair in Düsseldorf

A Milestone in the Promotional Industry

Last week marked a significant moment for Extrapack OOD, as we participated in the renowned PSI Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, the most prominent European event of the year in the promotional items and gifts industry. Despite challenges like the pandemic and the German rail strike, the exhibition attracted over 11,000 visitors, a testament to the industry's resilience and enduring appeal.

Showcasing Diverse and Sustainable Products

At Extrapack, sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it's our operational ethos. This was evident at our stand, where we displayed an extensive range of products, from advertising bags made of various materials like textile, paper, recycled, and bio-polymers, to flexible packaging and cardboard boxes. What set our products apart was not just their quality and diversity, but also our commitment to eco-friendly practices. We proudly produce 100% of our showcased items in our Bulgarian factories, using entirely renewable and sourced energy.

Interactive and Engaging Experience

The Extrapack stand became a hub of activity, welcoming more than 400 companies from the packaging and advertising industry. Visitors had the opportunity to experience firsthand the quality and variety of our products. We demonstrated the vast possibilities for customization through different methods like printing, varnishing, and embossing, allowing each visitor to envision how these products could be adapted to their specific needs.

Looking Ahead

Buoyed by the success at the PSI Trade Fair, we have already rebooked our stand for the 2025 event. But before that, we are excited to announce our participation in the upcoming Packaging Première in Milan, scheduled for May 2024. This event will offer us another fantastic platform to showcase our innovative products and sustainable practices to an international audience.


The PSI Trade Fair was not just an exhibition for Extrapack; it was a demonstration of our commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation in the packaging and promotional items industry. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all who visited our stand and look forward to meeting more of you in Milan in few months, where we will continue to drive the future of eco-friendly packaging and promotional products.

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