Our Technology


Through a process called blown film extrusion, the polymer granules processed in Extrapack's factories are converted to foils and sleeves in various thickness, sizes, colors and other properties. Extrapack has multiple machines for extrusion and co-extrusion of polyethylene, most of which are made in Italy by CMG.

Flexo printing

High quality flexo-printing is accomplished using 10 machines, half of which are outfitted with a central support cylinder. Extrapack’s latest printing machines are SOMA Imperia 10. The technology Kodak Flexcel NX is used for the photopolymer plates (clichés).


The recycling of plastic waste provides an inexpensive source of feedstock for Extrapack. The quality of the final material is guaranteed using technology from the Austrian company Erema.

Roll lamination

Extrapack uses a technology with two-component glue to bond materials like paper, foils, and fabrics in rolls. This technology doesn't require solvents, which makes it far more eco-friendly than many other comparable processes.

Slitting and rewinding

When necessary, machines called slitter rewinders are used to split or cut the materials on rolls into specific widths.

Plastic bag-making

Extrapack has a wide variety of machines for sealing and cutting bags and sacks from different polymer foils.

Paper bag-making

Extrapack is the first Bulgarian company to produce paper bags using automatic lines and has been doing so since 2006. Currently three servo-controlled machines from Italian company Curioni Sun are installed and used in production.

Paper formatting

Extrapack imports the paper needed for manufacturing from all over Europe. Deliveries arrive on large rolls, sometimes weighing over a ton and formatting machines are used when necessary to cut paper sheets into specific sizes.

Offset printing

Offset printing on paper bags and boxes is performed by brand new machine made by the German manufacturer Koenig & Bauer Group.

Sheet lamination

In order to get gloss, matte, or other effects onto the paper sheets surface, Extrapack uses an automatic machine for hot laminating.

Die cutting and creasing

Paper sheets used for bags or boxes, are cut and creased with great precision by means of automatic or semi-automatic machines. They are also used for hot stamping or embossing.

Hand finishing

The production of luxury paper and plastic bags requires many manual operations. These operations performed with the appropriate tools by qualified, highly-trained personnel.

Spunbonded Nonwoven PP Fabric Line

In 2014 Extrapack began the production of non-woven polypropylene using a technology called spunbound. Apart from satisfying its own manufacturing needs, Extrapack also executes customer orders from Bulgaria and all over the region.

Screen printing on textiles

In order to get a solid color print on cotton and non-woven bags, Extrapack uses screen printing with water-soluble inks.

Ultrasonic bags-making and sewing

Extrapack has a variety of machines intended for cutting and ultrasonic sewing of non-woven and woven polypropylene bags.

Manual sewing

To be strong and aesthetically pleasing, bags and textile covers need to be sewn perfectly. To ensure quality, Extrapack uses a wide range of sewing machines and employs experienced tailors who can complete difficult work by hand.