New products in Extrapack portfolio
Packaging is an important component for every product and we strive to offer our customers new and innovative packaging.

Re: Paper bag with PLA window
The combinations of different materials is usually a problem for recycling. But in this case is used polylactose (PLA) for the window that makes it 100% biodegradable and compostable. They are suitable for baked foods, pasta, medicines, and other products. They can be made of 40 g/m² kraft paper, natural or white colour.

Manufactured from new, innovative paper, which combines cellulose fibers and polylactose (PLA). This type of paper is highly resistant to water. Totally made from renewable resources. It is recyclable and biodegradable. And most important - can be used multiply, unlike ordinary paper bags.

RE: Stand Up Pouches
Stand Up Pouches with window - allows the customer to see the product placed without disturbing its freshness. Stand Up Pouches with aluminium foil - an excellent barrier against moisture, oxygen, other aromas and light. Both types of Pouches has wide opening, convenient for filling in workshops or shops. They stand firmly on a shelf, because of the bottom shape. Opening and closing the envelopes can be done repeatedly. Suitable for all bulk products: nuts, coffee, tea, candy, spices, cereals and many more

RE: Courier Bubble Envelopes
This summer Extrapack launched a new extruder line for bubble wrap film, and can now manufacture Courier Bubble Envelopes. They are suitable for the protection of easily damaged and fragile shipments. The coated brown paper is hard to tear, while the polyethylene on the inside with air bubbles is to protect the shipments from impact and pressure. There is also adhesive tape for easy closing, and the envelopes are completely opaque so their contents remain hidden.

RE: UltraRun
New, innovative and modern backpack. It is lightweight and when folded takes little space and is a favorite of young and athletic people. It can be worn in your hand, or on your back, and is an excellent place for your advertising message.

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