Plastic Bags

Luxury Plastic Bags with Rope Handles
Luxury Die Cut Handle Plastic Bags
Plastic Duffle (Shoulder) Bags
Plastic Duffle Bags with Double Handle
Bags with Rigid Handles
Isothermal Bags
T-shirt Bags
Die Cut Bags
Die Cut Bags with Side Gussets
Die Cut Bags on Block
Turnover Top Die Cut Handle Bags
Patch Handle Bags
Patch Handle Bags with Side Gussets
Soft Loop Handle Bags
Soft Loop Handle Bags with Side Gussets

Paper Bags

Paper Bags with Rope Handles
Paper Bags with Die Cut Handles
Paper Bags with Envelope Flap
Box-Like Paper Bags
Paper Bags with Ribbon Handles
Prism paper bags
Twisted Handle Paper Bags
J-Cut Handle Paper Bags
Flat Handle Paper Bags
Flat Bottom Paper Bags
Square Bottom Paper Bags
Stand Up Paper Bags With Window
Paper envelopes with flap

Courier & e-Commerce Bags

Paper envelopes for online stores
Cardboard envelopes for documents
e-Commerce Bags
Courier Bags

Cardboard Boxes

Two-Part Boxes
Paper Pillow Boxes
Tuck End Box
Display Box with Euro Slot
Six Corner Boxes
Self Locking Box with Hinged Lid
Boat Takeaway Tray
Open-Ended Trays
Burger Box
Popcorn or sweet boxes
Takeaway Container with Central Fastening
Flat Lid Container
Rectangle Tray
Buffer Wall Tray
Rectangular Sleeve
Buffer Wall Lid Box
Flower Closing Box
Gable-type box
Boxes with carrying handle
Triangle prism
Pentagonal Prism
Hexagonal Box

Textile Bags

DOS Printed Nonwoven "Ultrashopper" Bags
Non-woven T-shirt Bags
"UltraShopper" non-woven PP bags
"UltraShopper" laminated non woven PP bags
Non-woven Bags with Soft Loop Handle
Non-woven Bags with Die Cut Handles
Non-woven Draw String Bags
Machine Made Non-woven Bags
Basket Shape Non-woven Bags
Cotton Bags
DOS Printed Non-Woven Bags
Non-woven Bags with Side Piping
Laminated PP Bags with Side Piping
Nonwoven Bags with Eyelets
Non-woven Bags with Zipper
Laminated PP Bags Type "Boat"
Non-woven Drawstring Backpacks

Other Packagings

Bags with Side Sealing
Bags with Bottom Sealing
Wicket Bags
Bags with Euro Slot
Bags with Flap and Sealing Tape
Caution Tape
Plastic Layflat Tubing
Polymer Films
Sheets Made from Polymer Materials
Spunbound nonwoven polypropylene

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