All Plastic bags

Luxury Plastic Bags with Rope Handles

Code: LPL01 MOQ: 1 000 Enquiry
Luxury bags made with square bottoms and textile cord or ribbon handles create a sense of reliability, durability, and splendor.

Luxury Die Cut Handle Plastic Bags

Code: LPL02 MOQ: 5 000 Enquiry
Luxury square bottom bags with die cut handles have a memorable look that offers unique branding opportunities.

Plastic Duffle (Shoulder) Bags

Code: LPL05 MOQ: 3 000 Enquiry
Plastic Duffle Bags (also known as Plastic Shoulder Bags) are particularly useful for active, sports-related products.

Plastic Duffle Bags with Double Handle

Code: LPL06 MOQ: 3 000 Enquiry
With the help of their double handle, such sacs may be placed on the back like a rucksack.

Bags with Rigid Handles

Code: LPL07 MOQ: 3 000 Enquiry
Bags with rigid handles are strong, reliable, and comfortable to wear. The closure of the handles themselves adds another level of protection.

Isothermal Bags

Code: LPL8 MOQ: 3 000 Enquiry
Isothermal bags (also known as Insulated Cooler Bags) offer very good insulation and can keep the products contained inside warm or cold for hours.

T-shirt Bags

Code: PB01 MOQ: 10 000 Enquiry
”T-shirt” Bags (also known as Vest Style Carrier Bags) are a very common type of shopping bag because their load capacity is high while the bags themselves are inexpensive. They are most often used for groceries and other fast-moving consumer goods.

Die Cut Bags

Code: PB02 MOQ: 10 000 Enquiry
The handles of these bags (also known as Punched Out Handle Bags) are cut directly into the foil without reinforcement. Thinner bags with die cut handles are suitable for light products such as medicines, cosmetics, and other small items.

Die Cut Bags with Side Gussets

Code: PB03 MOQ: 10 000 Enquiry
The bags with die cut handles and side gussets are elegant packaging for volume gifts.

Die Cut Bags on Block

Code: PB04 MOQ: 10 000 Enquiry
Like the calendar on which tore a page, these bags have a combined "head" and perforation below. They are suitable for using into the point of sale.

Turnover Top Die Cut Handle Bags

Code: PB05 MOQ: 5 000 Enquiry
The handles of these bags are cut into the turnover top (reinforced folded top), which makes them stronger. The turnover-top is usually folded at about 7 cm from the top of the bag.

Patch Handle Bags

Code: PB06 MOQ: 5 000 Enquiry
These bags have a reinforcing patch glued to the handle area. They are suitable for clothes, shoes, gifts, documents, and more.

Patch Handle Bags with Side Gussets

Code: PB07 MOQ: 5 000 Enquiry
The reinforcement is bonded thermally from the inner side of the handle and makes it considerably more robust. The side gussets give an elegant look and at the same time ensuring sufficient volume.

Soft Loop Handle Bags

Code: PB08 MOQ: 5 000 Enquiry
Soft Loop Handle Bags (also known as Flexiloop Handle Carrier) are comfortable and strong. They can be used repeatedly, which increases their advertising effect, therefore making them a preferred choice for retailers.

Soft Loop Handle Bags with Side Gussets

Code: PB09 MOQ: 5 000 Enquiry
Thanks to their side gussets, these bags have square bottom like luxury bags.