Reusable Laminated PP Bags

Reusable Laminated PP Bags
Extrapack manufactures bags from non-woven and woven polypropylene, which is then laminated with a thin glossy or matte foil. These bags are very strong and also reusable. Flexo-printing with high resolution can be applied under the laminate and their long lifespan makes these bags an excellent advertising investment.
Code: BLP07 MOQ: 5 000 Inquiry
Innovative reusable bag, made completely by automated equipment. Very strong (can hold up to 80 kg), with attractive prices for quantities more than 5000 pcs.
Code: BLP01 MOQ: 1 000 Inquiry
This is the most popular type of reusable, promotional bag. The sides have a sewn-on “welt” edging from the bag’s primary material.
Code: BLP02 MOQ: 1 000 Inquiry
Larger sized laminated bags require a sewing and piping at the bottom for additional strength.
Code: BLP03 MOQ: 1 000 Inquiry
These promotional bags (also known as Sling Bags) have a large cover flap and comfortable strap. In addition to protecting the contents of the bag, the cover flap provides a good space for your advertising communication.
Code: BLP04 MOQ: 1 000 Inquiry
The structure of this bag makes it possible to achieve high volume and capacity with savings of materials and labor.
Code: BLP05 MOQ: 1 000 Inquiry
Oval bags with rounded handles are elegant and are comfortable to hold and perfect for wearing over the elbow.
Code: BLP06 MOQ: 500 Inquiry
Isothermal laminated polypropylene bags are excellent for picnics and can keep cold food and beverages chilled for up to 6 hours. These bags can be personalized with an advertising message!