Courier & e-Commerce Bags

Courier & e-Commerce Bags
Courier bags and e-commerce bags must protect their contents from the weather and from prying eyes during transport.

Extrapack manufacture plastic courier bags made of LDPE with an increased opacity or from Bi-color (for maximum opacity).

In recent years, Extrapack has also started producing courier envelopes and bags for online purchases from paper and cardboard.

Strong permanent adhesive tape ensures no one can open the envelope without leaving traces of tampering.

Paper envelopes for online stores

MOQ: 2 000 inquiry
Give your online sales a greener look.

Cardboard envelopes for documents

MOQ: 3 000 inquiry
Use branded cardboard envelopes for your documents.

e-Commerce Bags

code: CB01 MOQ: 5 000 inquiry
Online product packaging must provide superior protection for the contents as they travel between traders and customers.

Courier Bags

code: CB02 MOQ: 5 000 inquiry
These bags are used for secure storage of important documents and parcels during transport.

Paper envelopes with flap

MOQ: 5 000 inquiry
Small paper envelopes with lid are suitable for glasses, documents, medicines, optical discs, promotional materials, cutlery, etc.

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