Luxury Plastic Bags

Luxury Plastic Bags
The luxury plastic bags are an ideal commercial package for expensive gifts and high quality products.

They can be made of thick, glossy, colored polyethylene or in a matte, transparent style. There are many options for the handles: textile cords and bands, PVC tubing, and rigid handles.
Code: LPL01 MOQ: 1 000 Enquiry
Luxury bags made with square bottoms and textile cord or ribbon handles create a sense of reliability, durability, and splendor.
Code: LPL02 MOQ: 5 000 Enquiry
Luxury square bottom bags with die cut handles have a memorable look that offers unique branding opportunities.
Code: LPL03 MOQ: 1 000 Enquiry
The elegant clip-on handles are another way to personalize promotional bags.
Code: LPL04 MOQ: 1 000 Enquiry
Handles made from clear plastic tubes (hose) gives these bags a unique appearance.
Code: LPL05 MOQ: 3 000 Enquiry
Plastic Duffle Bags (also known as Plastic Shoulder Bags) are particularly useful for active, sports-related products.
Code: LPL06 MOQ: 3 000 Enquiry
With the help of their double handle, such sacs may be placed on the back like a rucksack.
Code: LPL07 MOQ: 3 000 Enquiry
Bags with rigid handles are strong, reliable, and comfortable to wear. The closure of the handles themselves adds another level of protection.
Code: LPL8 MOQ: 3 000 Enquiry
Isothermal bags (also known as Insulated Cooler Bags) offer very good insulation and can keep the products contained inside warm or cold for hours.
Code: LPL09 MOQ: 1 000 Enquiry
Luxury bags with square bottom and textile ribbon handles create a pleasant mood and look elegant, modern and representative.