Machine Made Paper Bags

Machine Made Paper Bags
Paper bags made by Extrapack are ideal for commercial or corporate use. Automated production lines, kraft paper, and strong adhesives ensure their high quality.

Those paper bags may have flat handles or twisted paper handles, both of which are sealed with a "patch" to the inner surface of the bag for added strength.

Twisted Handle Paper Bags

code: MPB01 MOQ: 3 000 inquiry
Classic paper bags have the most diverse applications in various commercial sectors: cosmetics, clothing, electronics, corporate gifts and more.

J-Cut Handle Paper Bags

code: MPB03 MOQ: 2 000 inquiry
The most-luxury machine made paper bags, with appearance of hand made bags, ideal for advertising and adding value to high-brands.

Flat Handle Paper Bags

code: MPB02 MOQ: 3 000 inquiry
Paper bags may also be produced with flat handles made from multi-layered paper tape which are available in many colours. Commonly used as take away bags, they are hygienic and food safe.

Digital Printed Bags

code: DIGB MOQ: 50 inquiry
Full color digital printing on ready-made paper bags and envelopes.

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