Plastic Films and Sheets

Plastic Films and Sheets
Extrapack produces various advertising and packaging supplies wound on a paper core or pre-cut.
Code: PTF01 MOQ: 5 000 Enquiry
Caution tape is used to designate certain places as dangerous or off limits, and in some cases to promote products. It is made of polyethylene with printing on one side.
Code: PTF02 MOQ: 100 Enquiry
Plastic Layflat Tubing (Plastic Sleeve) is used for production and packaging of various products through semi-automatic and automatic machines.
Code: PTF03 MOQ: 100 Enquiry
Polymer foils are used in various industries including in the packaging of powdery products. They may be made with high quality printing.
Code: PTF04 MOQ: 100 Enquiry
Films made from laminated materials have numerous advantages, which make them a preferred material for the packaging of food and other products.
Code: PTF05 MOQ: 100 Enquiry
Sheets produced from polymer materials are used for separation, packaging, and in the production of various products. They can be produced with high quality flexo-printing.
Code: TFS06 MOQ: 1 000 Enquiry
Code: NWP07 MOQ: 1 000 Enquiry
Non-woven fabrics are one of the fastest growing sectors of the textile industry in the world. They are strong, cheap, and easy to process, and during their production they emit less greenhouse gases than woven fabric.