All Textile bags

Cotton Bags

Code: BC01 MOQ: 500 Enquiry
These promotional bags are made of 100% cotton and can be used repeatedly. Short handles are comfortable for one-handed holding, while long handles allow for carrying on one shoulder.

Laminated PP Bags Type "Boat"

Code: BLP04 MOQ: 1 000 Enquiry
The structure of this bag makes it possible to achieve high volume and capacity with savings of materials and labor.

Oval Bags with Round Handles

Code: BLP05 MOQ: 1 000 Enquiry
Oval bags with rounded handles are elegant and are comfortable to hold and perfect for wearing over the elbow.

Isothermal Laminated Polypropylene Bags

Code: BLP06 MOQ: 500 Enquiry
Isothermal laminated polypropylene bags are excellent for picnics and can keep cold food and beverages chilled for up to 6 hours. These bags can be personalized with an advertising message!

"UltraShopper" laminated non woven PP bags

Code: BLP08 MOQ: 1 000 Enquiry
New original bag-type for multiple use. Fully machine made. Extremely strong, with large bottom size from 8 to 25 cm.

Non-woven Bags with Soft Loop Handle

Code: NPB01 MOQ: 1 000 Enquiry
These flat machine-made bags are comfortable, durable and practical. They have 35 to 70 cm long handles from folded non-woven PP.

Non-woven Bags with Die Cut Handles

Code: NPB02 MOQ: 1 000 Enquiry
The handles of these flat bags are pinched into the top overturn. They are strong and provide a blank slate for any advertising message.

Non-woven Bags with Side Piping

Code: NPB05 MOQ: 1 000 Enquiry
These promotional bags have a square bottom, are carefully sewn using polyester thread and are very aesthetically pleasing.

Nonwoven Bags with Eyelets

Code: NPB07 MOQ: 1 000 Enquiry
Bags made from non-woven polypropylene can be produced with handles of textile ribbon or cord that are inserted through eyelets at the top gusset.

Non-woven Drawstring Backpacks

Code: NPB08 MOQ: 500 Enquiry
Non-woven drawstring (Duffle/Sholder) backpacks are suitable for swimming,the gym, sports gear, festivals and more. They are an appreciated, original gift for young and energetic people.

DOS Printed Non-Woven Bags

Code: NPB10 MOQ: 500 Enquiry
Bag with a high quality printing and easy to clean anti-bacterial coating inside.

Non-woven Bags with Zipper

Code: NPB12 MOQ: 500 Enquiry
This premium non-woven polypropylene tote has zipper closure, dual reinforced, cross stitched handles.