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Luxury Plastic Bags with Rope Handles  

Luxury Plastic Bags with Rope Handles Luxury Plastic Bags with Rope Handles 2  3
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Luxury bags made with square bottoms and textile cord or ribbon handles create a sense of reliability, durability, and splendor.
Usually, they are made ​​of LDPE with thickness of 120 μm or HDPE with thickness of 100 μm.

When they are made of LDPE they have a glossy, shiny surface which can be transparent or colored.

When they are made of HDPE without staining they are translucent and clear, like ice-covered glass.

These bags are manufactured by hand to ensure the quality of the handles of textile cords attached to them. It is recommended that eyelets be used to strengthen the handle openings in luxury bags.

They can be reinforced with cardboard in the handle area and/or in the bottom of the bag.

Extrapack produces Luxury Plastic Bags with Rope Handles entirely in their factory in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. This means short delivery times for customers in Europe and opens up lots of opportunities for customization and personalization. Extrapack uses only modern equipment and strictly follows a number of international quality standards.