Flexoseal and Bi-Color

Extrapack has modern, three-layer extrusion lines for the production of polyolefin foils with special characteristics. In each layer of the foils up to 6 components are mixed with great precision. This gives both the surfaces and the core of the polymer film interesting features and control over the following parameters:

  • Maximum strength
  • Tensile strength
  • Coefficient of friction
  • Matte or glossy surface
  • Sealing temperature



This polymer film is suitable for the packaging industry. It has greater strength and offers fast heat-sealing. Its transparency is high and its surface can be matte or glossy. It can be produced with thickness between 25 and 80 µm, but the standards are 40 µm or 60 µm.


This is the name Extrapack uses for LDPE films with different colors on each side. Often used as a special effect for promotional bags, courier bags also use bi-color films, where the inner layer is colored in black opaque to ensure privacy.


Polyexpand is a brand of triple Extrapack polymer film, in which numerous gas bubbles are generated in the middle layer. They create an interesting, different vision of the film and increase its thickness. The most important effect of the bubbles is increased thermal insulation, which makes polyexpand preferred material for economical cooler bags.