Ecomater - compostable and biodegradable polymer

Bio-degradable polymers have been around since the Roman Empire, but in the past had a limited application, mainly in the medical field.

The rapid increase of plastic packaging use in daily life and the consequences of pollution have generated increased demand for bio-degradable polymers. These products have the features of traditional plastics, but can bio-degrade with the help of microorganisms over time.

Ecomater is a polymer, that is biodegradable into industrial compost, according to the requirements of the European standard EN13432. It contains between 40% and 50% polylactose (and starch and aliphatic polyester) with high degree of biodegradability.

Common bags types manufactured from Ecomater are: Patch Handle Bags, Soft Loop Handle Bags, Die Cut Bags, and T-Shirt Bags.