Plastic Layflat Tubing  

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code: PTF02 inquiryMOQ: 100 kg
Plastic Layflat Tubing (Plastic Sleeve) is used for production and packaging of various products through semi-automatic and automatic machines.
The lay-flat tubing can have high quality printing on one or both external sides and are wound on a paper spool with an inner diameter of 76 mm.

The tubular film can have gussets or can be split on one side or both sides and can be manufactured in the following ways:

  • Basic Layflat Tubing
  • Split on One Side (Centre Fold Sheet)
  • Split on Both Sides (Double Wound Sheeting)
  • Gusseted Layflat Tubing


Materials used for manufacturing:
  • LDPE with thickness 18-180 μm, width 20-130 cm
  • Degralen-L with thickness 18-180 μm, width 20-130 cm
  • Re-LDPE with thickness 40-180 μm, width 20-130 cm
  • HDPE with thickness 8-120 μm, width 30-110 cm
  • Degralen-H with thickness 8-120 μm, width 30-110 cm
  • Re-HDPE with thickness 15-120 μm, width 30-110 cm
  • Flexoseal with thickness 35-80 μm, width 60-120 cm
  • Triolen with thickness 40-100 μm, width 80-140 cm
  • Bi-Color with thickness 20-80 μm, a width of 58-138 cm
  • Ecomater with thickness 20-100 μm, width 60-130 cm

On both outer surfaces flexo-printing is possible.

Possible extras:
  • Sealing at low temperature
  • Corona treatment for printing
  • Needle Punch
  • Two side gusseting
  • Increased or decreased surface friction
  • Reduced static electricity

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